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Get a quality commercial shed installed anywhere in the West Midlands

Safe, secure and weatherproof storage is essential for any business premises or school. If you are in need of a top quality commercial shed in the West Midlands, Hodges & Lawrence has the answer. Our team can supply and install a wide range of commercial sheds that are suitable for just about any purpose. With our extensive experience and approachable nature, it will be easy to find just the storage solution you need!

Bespoke commercial sheds

Creating made to measure commercial sheds is one of our specialties here at Hodges & Lawrence. We understand that every business owner has unique needs. That is why our fully glazed and felted sheds can be totally customised to meet your specifications, right down to the number of windows and doors!

Bespoke Timber buildings 

Our sheds are extremely popular amongst local schools as a practical and sturdy storage solution. The team from Hodges & Lawrence is able to build a high quality shed that has plenty of room for toys and play equipment. Tidying up after playtime is over has never been easier!

Custom made multipurpose buildings

From housing tools and firewood to creating a cost effective studio space, a custom made multipurpose building from Hodges & Lawrence can solve any number of space issues! Our friendly team will be happy to sit down with you and discuss how we can turn your ideas into a unique and versatile structure.


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If you wish to install a made to measure commercial shed on your property in the West Midlands, please send us a message using the contact form.
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