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Finding the perfect access solution for your property is easier than ever thanks to Hodges & Lawrence in Birmingham. With nearly sixty years of experience behind us, we can supply you with the right gate and professionally install it for a long lasting finish. So whether you need a simple five bar field gate or high security prison gates, there really is no better team to call!

Five bar field gates

Five bar field gates combine traditional charm with practicality. In addition to being used for agricultural purposes, they are also ideal for driveways and boundary access. Hodges & Lawrence can supply field gates ranging from 3 to 12 foot as well as a full range of galvanised gate hardware.

Palisade gates

For situations that call for a higher level of security, palisade field gates are a great choice. Palisade gates offer maximum protection, low-maintenance aesthetic appeal and a remarkably long service life. These strong galvanised gates can be powder coated to complement your property and provide increased resistance against rust.

Vertical bar steel gates

Vertical bar steel gates offer the perfect balance between timeless good looks and a high level of protection. Available in a range of heights from 900mm to 3m, the galvanised pales can be powder coated for increased stability and style. The pales may be embellished with decorative tops if you desire.

Double wire mesh gates

Welded double wire mesh gates are the perfect choice for schools, sporting grounds, prisons and any other property in need of an exceptionally secure gate. Hodges & Lawrence’s selection of mesh gates can be totally customised to suit your specifications and can be built to a height between 2m and 6m.


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