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Mortise framed and ledged and braced gates in the West Midlands

As well as being extremely practical, custom built timber gates can add a touch of traditional charm to your home’s entrance. If you want a striking gate that is built to last, Hodges & Lawrence can help you. Our professional team has been building high quality gates for the people of West Midlands since 1957. From simple ledged and braced gates to more intricate mortise framed gates, we can do it all!

Mortise framed or ledged and braced?

If you are not sure of the difference between mortise framed and ledged and braced gates, our team has the answers. Generally speaking, ledged and braced gates are a simpler style that is easy to install, cost effective and has a classic look. Mortise framed gates involve more complex joinery to give you greater flexibility when it comes to the design of the gate.

Traditional five bar field gates

Hodges & Lawrence can supply and fit traditional five bar field gates to meet your specifications. As well as displaying classic charm, these gates are perfect for regulating access to farm fields, driveways and other enclosed parts of your property. Our five bar field gates can be constructed in widths ranging from 3 foot to 12 foot and are all fitted with durable galvanised hardware.
If you have any questions about mortise framed, ledged and braced or five bar field gates, feel free to visit our yard in the West Midlands or call
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